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Because our cabins come only built at the factory and are transported to your site on a semi,

we are only available in Wisconsin, Northern Iowa or Southern Minnesota.

No other states need inquire as we cannot deliver to you.

*Please see other pages for pricing and additional pictures.


Because we work with the DOT for road permits,

delivery charges are determined once an order is placed.

( 16' X 30' Cabin with 8' X 30' Porch )


Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city? Do you need a place to get away or maybe a way to get back to enjoying the great outdoors?

At Amish Country Cabins we can help you make your dreams a reality. We offer log cabins built completely by the Amish. These cabins are made from full native white pine logs which incorporate the rich beauty and charm of Wisconsin's woodlands into the construction of your cabin.

Construction methods use twelve inch Log Hog screws to hold the logs together during construction. Each log is 6" X 10" tongue and grooved with hand peeled edges. A special sealant between each log creates a weather tight seal. The outside of the logs are treated with fungicide. Cabins come to you fully assembled.

These cabins are also energy efficient structures. A natural insulating capability provided through the logs ensures year round comfort.

( 14' X 26' Cabin with 6' X 14' Porch )


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